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This web page is designed to allow various tables in the RMS data base to be searched using a variety of physical parameters. At present the following tables have been joined together: the main RMS catalogue table, associated 2MASS point source catalogue (at present the nearest 2MASS source to the MSX position is assumed to be associated), and the molecular line data (from which source distances and luminosities are estimated). In the near future the radio results and associated GLIMPSE point source tables will be included.

Beside each physical quantity you will find a pull down menu with the following options ''='', ''<'', ''>'' and ''between'' followed by two fields in which to enter values. If using any of the first three options only enter a value in the first field, however, if using the ''between'' option a value must be entered in both fields, with the smallest number being entered in the first field. The final heading 'Values of Interest' presents a click box, select parameters here you want included in the output table.

Before using this search page there are a couple of caveats that need to be kept in mind: 1) since the data stored in the database for each source is not homogeneous there is a danger of sources being excluded not because they fail the search criteria but because a value for one of the search parameters is not currently available (i.e., a value of NULL for distance where the kinematic distance ambiguity has not been sources). In order to avoid this an additional click box has been added to the sub-headings where this may be an issue. If you wish to avoid excluding sources with null values these boxes need to be clicked. 2) a source may appear more than once in the returned table in cases where multiple molecular line components have been detected towards a source and a single component cannot be attributed to the source.

Parameter Selection Options Values of Interest
Source type
MSX Flux Cuts
8 Micron
12 Micron
14 Micron
21 Micron
2MASS Parameter Cuts (Include Nulls )
J Band Mag.
H Band Mag.
K Band Mag.
GLIMPSE Parameter Cuts (Include Nulls )
3.6 μm Mag.
4.5 μm Mag
5.8 μm Mag
8.0 μm Mag
Galactic Positional Cuts
Galactic Long. Range
Galactic Lat. Range
RA and Dec. Cuts
RA Range
Declination Range
Kinematic Parameter Cuts (Include Nulls )
Assigned Distance
Galactic Centre Radius
Include Near/Far Distance
Luminosity Cuts (Include Nulls )
Radio Parameter Cuts (Include Nulls )
Radio Flux (4.8/8.6 GHz)
Output File
Create Text Output File yes no


The parameters of the search are passed through the url and therefore if you bookmark the results page your search results will be preserved.

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